Your Trusted Partner in Preserving Family Wealth & Legacy.

It’s challenging to protect, manage, and grow significant family wealth. JCAS is here to help.

Family fortunes bring opportunity, but also complex challenges, in today’s international and modern environment. Wealth spread across countries presents political, legal, tax and other considerations.

Retaining control of the various components needs dedicated resources to direct and manage its distribution, preservation, and growth, while taking into account the various wishes of family members.

Why us?

JCAS group are experts in family and investment governance at scale. We’re experienced with helping families of all sizes articulate and balance the needs of all the stakeholders.

With our group’s 100 staff in 6 offices across Asia and Greater China, and 30 years of experience in the fields of accounting, corporate formation, audit, tax, trust, fund management and consulting, we are ideally placed to support you.

From solutions that complement your existing family office approach, or providing complete administration, JCAS will tailor a bespoke menu of services to meet your requirements.